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We are a public sector entity attached to the Ministry for the Presidency, Justice and Parliamentary Relations.

Our mission is to encourage the recognition and the accommodation of religious diversity as basic elements to fully guaranteeing freedom of religion and to enabling an appropriate environment for living together.

Four main objectives:

  1. To contribute to the implementation of programmes and projects by non-Catholic religious denominations with an agreement of cooperation with the Spanish State or with well-established roots in Spain related to the promotion of the fully exercise of the right to religious freedom.
  2. To improve knowledge about religious diversity in Spain, its impact and associated needs.
  3. To improve public management of religious diversity.
  4. To help building an informed public opinion that is tolerant of religious plurality.

The activities carried out by Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the following targets:

What we do

Support the implementation of projects related to religious freedom

We support projects to make enable people to fully exercise their religious freedom rights in a framework of tolerance,  dialogue and positive coexistence.

We work with well established minority denominations, their local entities and civil society at large.

Research and knowledge building

We provide data and analysis on the diversity of beliefs and its impact on the public sphere

Improving public management of religious diversity

We work with public administrations and provide them with the necessary resources to manage religious diversity

Outreach and awareness raising 

We work with society at large to promote a better understanding of religious diversity and to contribute to the building of an informed public opinion, respectful of the diversity of beliefs and committed to the processes of improving coexistence.

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